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Workshops and Events: Immerse Yourself in Transformational Experiences

Welcome to the Workshops and Events page, your gateway to upcoming transformative experiences led by Grace Ekall. Here, you will find information about our upcoming workshops, events, and retreats, each carefully designed to ignite your spirit, nourish your body, and expand your consciousness.

Upcoming Workshops, Events, and Retreats:

Workshop: Sunrise Rhythms - Awakening Wellness through Holistic African Dance

Date: 22nd June 2023

Location: Jump Studios, 5 Neptune Court, Barton Manor, BS2 0RL

Join us for an immersive very early morning workshop that combines the power of Holistic African Dance, mindfulness practices, and ancient wisdom. This session will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal transformation. Experience the rhythmic movements, vibrant energy, and cultural celebration that Holistic African Dance offers. Through interactive exercises, expressive dance sequences, and mindfulness techniques, you will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Retreat: THE Habits That Heal Weekend RETREAT

Date: Friday 26th August - Sunday 28th 

Location: The Estate

Step into a transformative retreat experience where you will immerse yourself in the beauty of Holistic African Dance and the serenity of a peaceful retreat setting. Led by Grace Ekall, with other holistic experts - this retreat is a sanctuary for self-care, self-exploration, and rejuvenation. Engage in daily dance sessions, mindfulness practices, and workshops that dive deeper into the philosophy and techniques of Holistic African Dance, healthy mindset and healthy meals. Connect with like-minded individuals, embrace the natural surroundings, and embark on a journey of personal growth and empowerment.

Registration and Booking:

To reserve your spot for an upcoming workshop, event, or retreat, please use our convenient online registration form. Spaces are limited, so we encourage early registration to secure your place in these transformative experiences. For any inquiries or assistance with the registration process, feel free to contact our dedicated support team.

Note: Please check back regularly for updates on new workshops, events, and retreats. We strive to continually offer new opportunities for growth, connection, and well-being.

Join the Transformative Journey:

Whether you are a seasoned dancer, a wellness enthusiast, or simply seeking a new path to self-discovery, our workshops, events, and retreats provide a nurturing space for you to explore, learn, and grow. Come and experience the magic of Holistic African Dance, guided by the wisdom and expertise of Grace Ekall.


Healthy MINDSET - Healing MOVEMENT - Healing FOOD For Body & Mind.

Taking responsibility & gaining the confidence to take back control of your health at home using resources you already have, daily routines, and ancient wisdom. The Habits That Heal website speaks about topics around habits that makes it easier to create better health, from daily movement, breath work, intentional thoughts, natural weight loss, healthy foods, natural food supplements to daily routine, weekly!  Join me on Fridays on my Youtube channel so you can not only get another tip, recharge your commitment to yourself, improve your positive vibrations, memory, and vitality through holistic African dance & movement. Occasionally, we'll cook healthy meals together.

Move well, Eat well, Supplement well  & Keep smiling. Effective ways to fight, prevent and even reverse chronic inflammation.


Daily Wellness Strategies Basics In 2023



Imagine for a moment that you have resources already at your disposal to effortlessly create a tangible and sustainable health transformation for yourself and your loved ones without overwhelm.

What would this mean to you?

A vibrant health that will impact people around you and move you to support others, looking after your health from the inside out and connecting with the person within your soul.

 Waking up every morning with a renewed sense of energy, drive, possibilities and Looking forward to the day ahead.

Not having to risk missing those precious moments with your family, because you’re overstressed, you’ve not slept well, you have chronic fatigue or you’re struggling to cope with a physical or emotional pain, instead, you've prepared your body to fight, prevent or reverse chronic inflammation, serious conditions and you have a stress management system in place so you can always be there for those special occasions...

All sound too good to be true?

Let me let you into a little secret ... It's totally doable and something I've been doing for so many years now and I'm helping others do the same. And you can do it too!

So if you are finding the stress of life overtaking your busy life, and knowing that stress is the root cause of many serious conditions... Including some cancers, it’s good to know that this system will make your work-life-family balance more achievable with clarity and no overwhelm, you'll have access to new tools and learn to use resources you already have. 

If better & sustainable health is something you're searching for START HERE.




1. Take the Free STRESS Quiz and Download your results and do the exercise.

2. Book a call with me to plan a way forward 

3. Get excited about your health transformation!



The Training: To help you Gain the confidence in your abilities and utilise resources you already have, to create your own sustain alkaline body that will consistently fight chronic inflammation for you and leverage your body’s healing powers using natural and holistic solutions - 

This way of looking after your body is acknowledged by world-renowned health experts, Doctors, Nutritionists and bestsellers authors in the health and wellness field.

Field predicted to triple from $400M per day to $1B per day by 2023...

Interactive Experience: 10-Week of LIVE coaching and help with me (Grace Ekall) with homework and assignments to help you make progress quickly as you improve your health and start feeling light!

Create Your Ultimate health in 2023:  Learn how to make your daily tasks work for your well-being, & impact your life with our fun, delightful and sustainable ‘Self-health’ lifestyle and a few things that can help you along the way.

Community: Connect with like-minded busy women, entrepreneurs, experts and CEOs that care about their health and support each other through health challenges support network, referrals, joint ventures on health & wellness projects, classes, team work workshops, event etc…

Prizes: Once a year, we are giving away over $10,000 of needed personal health, mindset strategy, holistic African dance, best foods for your health, best natural food supplements, and gentle fitness, personal development, growth and transformational focus training, Inside our Rebuild packages, Spicy WFPB ‘cancer fighting’ authentic Recipes, the structure of your health's dreams and goals so you’re ready to enjoy vibrant health, be more productive, and more as you make progress during the 

10-Week Afro-DanceFIT or Holistic African Dance course. Day training full of priceless content. This can be a real game-changer for you. Book a call to RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE

And scroll down to: Upcoming Events See ALL COMING SOON!

PS Look, this training is a £3,997 value. Now just 1,997 per team You get me helping you for 10 weeks, plus I am giving

away over $10,000 worth of prizes!  Real prizes like full 30 days healthy meal plan, complete structure of what could become your daily wellness plan, mindset and self-health help. Book a call and Come And Join The FUN


"...Just heard your interview on BBC Bristol Grace. Brilliant! Not very often do we hear people tell it how it is.... food is either Medicine or Poison..... Keep up your amazing work  with Food, Dance & Attitude" xxxx Much respect" 

~ Louise C


 "Aww Grace, thank you so much...I'm smiling now when I feel your energy. I've met you three times and every time I smile in your light and energy that's not BS it's rare and I spotted it immediately... You have a wonderful gift.xxxx"

~ Christina R.

Grace Ekall

Grace Ekall is a Holistic Dance Practitioner, health consultant, speaker, and a radio presenter. She has created 2 successful brands and made a difference teaching female CEOs how to take back control of their health and reach their full potential so they can impact their own life, their family, and their community.

Grace brings a unique approach to coaching, speaking and teaching through her crafted Afro-Dance based Health-Improvement Methodology - combining mental & physical health commodities with everyday tasks such as waking up in the morning, eating and sleeping...she’s a healthy food creator and a social entrepreneur.

She has devoted her life to transforming the unfortunate moments in life, into inspirational ones and she’s a true case study on resilience...her positive mindset is remarkable and she finds pleasure in helping others to effortlessly take control of their own  health too. And she’s ready to help you do the same.